Program Aides


Girl Scouts going into 7th -12th grade join the Program Aides (PAs) at camp – our amazing teen leaders that really run Camp!  

No two Day/Twilight camps operate their program exactly the same way. At RWTC, returning PAs begin planning Camp in January at a 2-night retreat and meet at least monthly until Camp. 

Incoming 7th graders will join our “PAinT” unit at Camp – Program Aides in Training. They’ll spend their week between workshops, skill emphasis, learning the behind-the-scenes magic that makes camp happen, and shadowing experienced PAs, and are ready to lead units by the end of the week. They’ll be less involved in the pre-camp planning, but will have the opportunity to join a few of the meetings. PAinTs (incoming 7th graders) should register as a camper. 

Incoming 8th graders that were not involved as a PAinT the year before should also register as a PAinT. High school aged students that are new to the RWTC Experience need to meet with our PA director early in the year to determine the most appropriate placement on an individualized basis.

Contact PA Director Brianne “Commander Fury” at any time if there are questions about the program and placement before registering.

Important Dates

Skills Sundays: April 14, May 19, June 09

PA Overnight: June 22 (Same location as last year)

Camp prep: Monday June 22 7 am