Camp FAQ

Does my daughter have to be in a girl scout troop to attend day camp?

No--Some girls love being part of a troop, some want to travel the world, some to only take part in programs and activities--and some just want to go to camp.  However, every camper must register as a Girl Scout before attending camp, this is due to insurance reasons.  

Any girl that wants to come to camp is welcome, even if she has no previous experience with Girl Scouts.

Day Camp is a perfect way to try out Girl Scouts without making a commitment. It is a great way to meet Girl Scouts and sometimes girls join their new friends in troops when school starts up in the fall. 



My child would like to attend camp with her friend. Can they be in the same unit?

Please include that request in both registrations.  We will make every effort to place requests for same-grade buddies in the same unit.


My daughter is in 7th grade. Should she continue to come to camp?

Absolutely!  Continuing to come to camp as a teen Girl Scout is a great leadership opportunity. We offer training and mentoring to all of our teens at camp, as they continue to gain valuable skills working with younger girls, peers, and adults. Teens are assigned to work in a unit or at a station for the week. Each day they can expect to meet with their advisor, an adult volunteer trained to work with our teens and provide them with appropriate leadership training. They are also given a break during the day to take a breather and relax with their friends.


What will my camper do each day?


We start and end each day with a traditional flag ceremony. Each unit at camp will have the opportunity to lead an opening or closing flag.

Throughout the day, campers participate in a variety of stations: Tools and Knives, Fire Building, Knots, Music, Crafts, Archery, Outdoor Cooking and Games, just to name a few. We have designed our outdoor skills progression to be developmentally appropriate at each level. A first grader will learn the proper technique to handle a knife but will practice this new skill with a butter knife, while a fourth grader will gain experience making tinder with a pocket knife. A third grader will learn to safely light matches, but by the time she's in sixth grade, she'll be challenging herself to light a one-match fire. We are Girl-Led, so we respect the comfort level of our campers. We will encourage your daughter to try new skills but being "challenged by choice" means she may decide she's not ready. Often seeing others successfully complete a task is all the encouragement a girl might need to give it a try herself. More often than not, our campers surprise themselves by what they are capable of!

In addition to specific stations, your camper will have fun with her unit; Playing games, singing songs, going on hikes, water play, or just relaxing, are all part of a camper's day!



What should my child bring to camp?

This will be covered in more detail when you receive your camper letter, closer to camp, but here's the basic list...


Where do I drop off & pick up my camper?

Follow the signs and the staff instructions when you arrive.  Typically, there is space to park and walk your camper to the check-in table.  From there we'll direct you to your camper's unit.